May 2023

SRSP – Structural Reform Support Programme

SRSP – Structural Reform Support Programme

The project “Support to the Migrant Learners’ Unit to Improve the Inclusion of Migrant Learners within Mainstream Education in Malta” provides technical support to the Migrant Learners’ Unit (MLU) of Malta’s Ministry for Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation (MEYR) aims to improve the educational opportunities of migrant learners in Malta. Project funding is provided by the European Union via the Structural Reform Support Programme.

Spanning over a period of 24 months and starting as from 15 October 2020, the project seeks to enhance migrant learners’ participation in the education system so that they can become active members of Maltese society. The project sets out to improve the quality of education provision by supporting migrant learners’ inclusion and by facilitating more effective and collaborative synergies between educational and other stakeholders, including parents, civil society, non-governmental, and international organizations. To achieve this goal, all project actions are guided by a three-pronged methodological approach:

  • All actions will be supported by solid background information, based on desk review analysis
  • The information collected through the desk review will be complemented, challenged or corroborated by field interviews, focus groups, and expert exchanges
  • Inputs gathered through both primary and secondary data will be analyzed, adapted and translated into actionable recommendations

A needs assessment report has already been formulated. Moreover, Train the Trainer sessions have been organized and multiplier educators have been identified. A number of training accredited modules are being delivered in collaboration with IOM, IFE and Kopin. As participants progress through the module they will: 

  • become more knowledgeable about Malta’s migration reality and the lived experiences and challenges of migrant students;
  •  acquire strategies which support an intercultural learning environment; and 
  • gain a better understanding of the life situations and educational aspirations of migrant families and how to involve them in the education of their children.

A functional review of the MLU is also being enacted within the SRSP.

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