Writing & Drawing Activity for all our Learners! Women in Our Life.

Recently we celebrated International Women's Day. Let's focus on the women in our life. Draw a woman who is important to you and write some sentences about her. Who is she and why is she so important to you?  

For our older students: write about a famous woman you admire: who is she? Why is she famous? Why is she a good role model in your opinion?

WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO RECEIVING YOUR DRAWINGS AND WRITING on our Facebook Page – Migrant Learners’ Unit Malta. Please send us pictures in the comments section.


Magic Carpet Activity

Hello friends! We invite you to watch this short video

Then please send us your drawings of a magic carpet! Also, tell us where you'd travel to if you had a magic carpet? To the forest? To the desert? To a cold place or to a hot place? Or somewhere else? You can also print the worksheet to work out if you like.


The Beach Activity

 Let’s go to the beach without actually going out!  Have a look at this virtual tour and send us a hashtag. 

Some ideas:
 - Have you ever been to Golden Bay?  
- Which is your favourite beach in Malta?  
- What do you like doing when you go to the beach?   
- Can you name any animals or creatures that you can see at the beach?  

Please send us some drawings, and maybe some sentences.   Looking forward to see what you come up with!


Wild Animals Challenge

What a wonderful world! watch this short video (thanks to Ms Catherine Micallef for sharing!) and enjoy it!

Then get back to us, tell us what animals you have spotted in the video. Choose your favourite wild animal, send us your drawing of it with some sentences about it.

Some animal species are being threatened or are in danger of extinction. What does this mean and why is it happening? And who is the man who appears at the end of the video?


Animals Challenge

 Now that we're at home, let's enjoy your time doing fun things!
watch this short video, created especially for us by Ms Catherine Micallef and her daughters Elisa and Julia.

Several animals are mentioned in the story. Which one is your favourite?
Send us a drawing with a few sentences! And we'd also like to hear your thoughts about the story.