June 2016

Learning from good practices overseas


A delegation from the Ministry for Education and Employment visited the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in April 2016 with the aim of observing practices in relation to migrant education, with a view to improving the provision currently being given in Malta.


The Unit was represented by Mr Raymond Facciol at the conference “Migration – Integration: Managing diversity in schools!”, held in May 2016 in Bonn. The Conference served especially as a showcase of existing practices in Europe and emphasized that the starting point for all education is what is in the best interest of the child.


The Unit participated in the Peer Learning Activity held in Dresden in June 2016.  The PLA was organised by the European Commission and the Saxony Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs and focused on language assessment practices and integration of unaccompanied minors through education. 

Various insights on practices already being enacted by different countries with regard to initial and continuous language assessment of newcomers, induction and support to the learner and the parents were discussed. The participants also had the opportunity to participate in the World Café activity.

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