May 2019



A Global Education and Citizenship Project carried out by MLU

Themes addressed: Global citizenship, multiculturalism and interculturality, leading to Peace.

“Living together is cool!” was a Global Education and Citizenship Project carried out at a Middle School, targeting adolescent learners from a diverse background. It addressed global citizenship, multiculturalism and interculturality, with the objective of enhancing Peace education. The project was designed to foster an environment of self-worth and appreciation of diversity in young Maltese and Migrant students through authentic multicultural and intercultural encounters and site visits. The learning experience made use of these encounters as an opportunity for the acquisition of skills, competences and values for more responsible and active citizenship, thus breaking multi-national barriers, enhancing social cohesion and fostering peace in a rapidly-changing youth environment.

Using different activities, both in class and outside the classroom, students got to know one another through role-play and sharing. Students learned about Malta, their new home, through on-site visits to historical and touristic places. Maltese students accompanied migrants during outings and activities with the aim of promoting friendships between children from different nationalities. An Intercultural Week was planned and executed with collaboration between students, teachers, administration, parents, community members and other stakeholders. The event focused on informal discussions held in small groups, with elements of music, art and food from different cultures.

The principles of peace education were also disseminated in different ways during school assemblies and lessons involving several subjects, and it was a theme discussed during upskilling sessions for educators.

The school intends to continue pursuing the ideals of peace education in order to create global citizens who regard real peace as an extremely important value.

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