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Supporting migrant learners and their families

The LLAPSI+ project aims to provide migrant learners in school with further support in basic and functional language learning over and above the teaching that is already provided by the class teachers. 

Welcome Course for Families (WCF)

The Migrant Learners’ Unit organised the ‘Welcome Course for Families.’ This course consisted in four sessions of two hours each after school hours and was intended for children and accompanying adults newly arrived in Malta from Ukraine. The course, which was held in centres around Malta ,offered basic skills in English and/or Maltese as a foreign language as well as provided useful information needed for attending the Maltese educational system.

These courses are being offered as part of ‘Language Learning and Parental Support for Integration PLUS - LLAPSI+ (MT/2016/AMIF/4.01) project which is part-financed by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF).

LLapsi+ Project Conference

In November 2021, the MLU organised the LLAPSI + Project Conference at the Hilton Hotel, Malta. This was an event where the Migrant Learners’ Unit presented the work done through the LLAPSI+ Project. The Minister for Education, Dr. Justyne Caruana and Parliament Secretary for European Funds, Dr. Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi addressed the conference. 

The Conference showcased the results obtained up till then in the different LLAPSI + Project components.  Project Leader, Ms Jane Farrugia Buhagiar presented a review of each action and its ensuing outcomes.  The conference included the intervention of the Project Leader, Ms. Jane Farrugia Buhagiar and the Project Manager, Mr. Daniel Meilak who spoke about the work done within the LLAPSI + Project.

The audience could also follow various video clips of the different actions within the project and see first hand exemplars of resources published and procured in the different components.

A Q&A session provided time for reflection, clarification and suggestions for future actions.  The Conference ended with a light lunch served at the Vista Lobby Lounge.

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