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Language Learning and Parental Support for Integration PLUS (LLAPSI+)

The Community Liaison Team

As part of the LLAPSI + project, the MLU benefits from the support of a  team of Community Liaison Workers (CLW) . The team members hail from various national and ethnic backgrounds.  The Community Liaison Workers’ primary role is to assist in establishing a link between parents, learners and schools.

Main Functions

The Community Liaison Team works on:

  1. Promoting the presence of learners coming from a migrant background in the educational system in Malta; 
  2. Supporting partners in processes to overcome any barriers in the learning and interaction processes; 
  3. Serving as a point of contact between the school and the learner’s family;
  4. Creating a bridge to minimise any differences due to nationality, culture, education or language between the school and the learners’ families, in order to build a strong collaborative relationship;
  5. Encouraging parents to participate in school events;
  6. Providing the necessary communication to parents for school-related and after-school services and activities, such as Club 3-16, sports and cultural activities as well as the school library;

The Community Liaison Workers dedicate their time in supporting schools and families through face-to-face meetings in schools or learning centres, through online sessions and meetings and through digital communication channels.  The Community Liaison Workers may also host or attend regular community meetings, relevant conferences and sessions related to their roles. 

Responsibilities include:

  1. Assisting in interpretation during school related meetings
  2. Translating school documents
  3. Assisting in tackling issues related to national or cultural differences
  4. Helping to mediate communication between school staff and parents
  5. Holding community outreach meetings
  6. Facilitating cultural activities in collaboration with school staff
  7. Supporting parents to benefit better from the services offered through information dissemination.

Languages of Communication 

  • Arabic 
  • Armenian
  • Chinese
  • Urdu
  • Russian 
  • Serbian