30 - How can I access other lifelong learning opportunities?

Vocational Education and Training Include formal and informal learning. Malta offers a wide range of options for those interested in pursuing learning. The most relevant programmes are offered by the following institutions:

The Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) is the country's leading vocational education and training institution. Through its Foundation, Technical and University Colleges, together with its six institutes in Malta and Gozo, MCAST offers 170 full-time and over 300 part-time vocational courses ranging from certificates to Masters degrees (MQF Level 1 to Level 7). Students are prepared for careers in different sectors of the economy or for further education. One of the advantages of studying at MCAST is that most of the courses include both theory and practice; therefore, students are equipped with the required skills and experience necessary for the workplace.

MCAST offers full-time and short courses. Applications for full-time courses should be submitted by July for courses that start in September. Applications for short courses are to be submitted in February or September. More information can be obtained from MCAST’s website and in their prospectus which one can collect from MCAST.

Address : MCAST main campus,

Triq Kordin, Paola PLA 9032

Tel: (+356) 2398 7100

Website: www.mcast.edu.mt

 E-mail: information@mcast.edu.mt

Lifelong Learning

The Directorate for Lifelong Learning and Early School Leavers offers a range of courses in different subjects including basic skills courses, language courses, computer courses and preparation courses for SEC and MATSEC Levels. Lifelong Learning courses are carried out over 32 weeks. Courses are against payment at the same rate as Maltese citizens but can be free on a case-by-case basis.

For a list of lifelong courses available please visit their website:


Applications open in July for courses starting in October and in November/December for courses starting in February. Applications can be obtained and handed in at local councils, at the Ministry for Education and Employment,Great Siege road, Floriana, or online.


Directorate for Lifelong Learning and Early School Leavers

Ministry of Education and Employment,

Great Siege Road, Floriana, Malta

Tel: (+356) 2598 2291/92.

Email: lifelonglearning@gov.mt

Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS)

ITS is Malta’s main tourism and hospitality training college. The school year starts in September; however there may be shorter courses throughout the year. Exemptions of fees can be applied for through the Ministry of Education.

For more information on courses, go to ITS’ campus or visit their website.

Address : ITS campus,Main Campus,

St George’s Bay, St Julian’s)

Telephone: (+356) 2379 3100

E-mail: registrar.its@gov.mt

Website: www.its.edu.mt


Jobsplus offers a number of courses that are free of charge. These include trade courses, IT related, office related, Accounting and others.

These courses are available to refugees, persons with subsidiary or temporary humanitarian protection, asylum seekers and persons with a rejected status.

The list of courses can be found on Jobsplus’ website: www.jobsplus.gov.mt/courses

Reggie Miller Foundation

The Reggie Miller Foundation of the General Workers Union offers courses in languages, tailoring, IT, mathematics, physics, customer care and others. Courses are against payment.

Applications can be found on their website, www.gwu.org.mt. Tel: (+356) 25679226.

Email: pbalzan@gwu.org.mt


Youth.inc is an inclusive education programme, based on applied learning, for young people between the age of 16 and 21. The aim of the programme is to help young people to improve their standard of education and gain more knowledge, values and skills to enter the labour market or to gain qualifications to continue in further education and training. Courses include languages, food handling, music, sports and others.

Entry requirements are a school leaving certificate and an ID card, however, for refugees, persons with subsidiary protection, asylum seekers and persons with a rejected status, these requirements may be removed.

Address: Agenzija Żgħażagħ, St Joseph High Road, St Venera

Tel: (+356) 2258 6700

E-mail: agenzija.zghazagh@gov.mt