8 - How do I register my child in a State School in Malta?

Considering the large influx of newcomer learners in Maltese schools, it may be in your interest to consult with the school of the locality where you are planning to reside and to confirm that the school actually has available places before you enter into commitments about your residence.  The number of children in classes and schools is very strictly regulated in Malta.
ENTRY INTO KINDERGARTEN in all State Schools in Malta is only possible in October and February.  No children are admitted into classes at other times.  For more specific information about the closing dates for admission you are kindly requested to contact the office of the College Principal of your locality of residence or the office of the Migrant Learners’ Unit.

In the case of Primary Schooling, registration for EU citizens is done directly at the Primary School of the town of residence.

In the case of Secondary Schooling,  it may be advisable  to go to the Office of the College Principal who will direct you to the Middle School or the Senior School of the College. Click here to see List of College Principals.
Non-EU citizens carry out the registration for all levels of schooling at the Ministry for Education and Employment (MEDE), Floriana. Click here for Map.

You will need to arrange an appointment by phoning: ​
Telephone :  (+356 ) 2598 0000  

                     (+356) 2598 2463

                     Freephone 1571​

or go personally to the MEDE to ask for an appointment with the personnel responsible for registration.  ​