11 - What documents will I need to present when registering my child at the Ministry for Education and Employment (MEDE) at Floriana or at the local school?

You will need to present:​

  • An original copy of your child’s birth certificate; 
  • An original translation of the birth certificate if the original copy is not in English; 
  • The passport/s / ID Card/s of parent/s of the child as attested by the birth certificate; 
  • An original copy of the legal document indicating guardianship/custody of the child if the child is not accompanied by both parents; 
  • A document showing proof of residence in Malta.  This may be, for example, a receipt of payment of rent, a telephone bill in your name, etc.

The school will ask if you have any records of past schooling of your child.​

The school will also ask you about the medical history of your child (such as allergies, susceptibility to fits, etc).  It is in the interests of your child that you inform the school of such conditions.​

Essential and/or technical documentation will need to be translated into English or Maltese with a legal verification.​