MLU Induction Programme

The MLU was first set up in 2014, to cater for the needs of those migrant learners who do not understand English and Maltese, and who were finding language barriers an issue in terms of integrating in Malta. In fact, lack of basic communication skills in Maltese and English may be one of the factors that can delay the integration process of a child.  Thus, the idea of having a specialised Unit to support the newcomer learners and to take a more holistic approach towards the well-being of all learners was conceived. The main aim of the MLU is to offer newcomer learners the right to grow up in a nurturing environment, surrounded by individuals who make the wellbeing of the child their priority.  The real inclusion of every child in all their individual needs will create a safe place where the child can flourish and reach his or her full potential: in school and within the community. After following the induction course, the learners achieve not only a linguistic fluency but also the skills to transition smoothly into mainstream schooling.

The one year induction programme focuses on the learning of Maltese and English which are the languages of schooling in Malta. Other academic subjects are taught adopting a Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) approach. This programme focuses on each learner’s well-being offering a holistic educational experience while focusing on the acquisition of linguistic and sociocultural competences. The programme is offered in various schools in Malta and Gozo.  Secondary school age learners follow the induction programme at the Naxxar secondary hub.  Learners are assessed regularly throughout the year and at the end of the induction period, a decision will be taken by educational staff concerning the transition of the learner into mainstream education.